About Me

Thomas Alexander

Everyone loves a good story - and I enjoy telling them, but in pictures not words. 

Having begun my career as a geographer I was, by chance, loaned a camera and given the fascinating subject of a baboon research project for London Zoo. I began teaching myself how to take photographs, with camera in one hand and manual in the other. I quickly learnt the importance of light, textures and tones, discovered a natural talent for creative compositions and I learned how understanding the subject matter, envisaging a potential picture and controlling the camera's technicalities combined to achieve the most rewarding results.

Working as a professional freelance photographer for 5 years, I've come to realise that my photographs tell stories - whether it is in the single framing and composition of a creative portrait, recording the intense action at a sporting event, exploring the essence of a landscape or capturing the fleeting expressions between a couple on their wedding day. Being able to record these stories in their intricate details - snapshots of moments or colourful scenes from unique and interesting perspectives - is a challenge I'm always excited to accept. 

I can tell your story - for a magazine, for your website, newsletter or brochure, for prints on your wall or for a family album. Whatever the topic, the job will be done with an efficient, energetic and conscientious approach as well as a coherent image selection, tight edit and prompt turn around.